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Testimonial SEM-01

Denny Chasmala (INA)
(Guitarist, Arranger, Songwriter)
I like Seruni SEM-01. The setting is simple, ready to go in every situation and multi-capture. As long as I use SEM-01, the sound engineer never complaining about it because of its natural sound.

Jubing Kristianto (INA)
(Fingerstyle Guitarist)
SERUNI SEM-01 made in Yogyakarta. The result is clean and natural. I’ve already try it on recorder. The conclusion is suitable to record acoustic instruments.

Ubay (INA)
(Saxophone Player, Nidji Vocalist)
For you guys who is confused looking for instruments mic for live performance purposes, go check out @seruniaudio.
Just try it, sound is good, I have tried and no lies 👍🏻🤟🏻 soo gooood serrrr !

Ivan (INA)
(Payung Teduh)
Seruni SEM-01, exciting. It can do both recording and live performance situation. The sound is honest. Plug and play

Indra Qadarsih (INA)
(Sound Engineer, BIP Keyboardist)
I use SEM-01 to record violin in a movie entitled Wage especially when Indonesia Raya scene because of its forte dynamic which is very compatible with this microphone, for omni-capturing Black & White jazz band scene, and for recording choir Indonesia Raya & Matahari Terbit . I’m very satisfied and able to get the luminous feels. This microphone is indeed #UntukIndonesiaRaya <3
Thank you Seruniaudio!

Vega Antares (INA)
(Guitarist-Vocalist Mahadewa, Composer, Sound Engineer, Producer Assistant RCM Studio)
Seruni SEM-01, a partner to record sounds which is very friendly for our ears.

Nat Hulskamp (USA)
(Guitar & Oud Player, Seffarine)
I am very happy with the SEM-01 by Seruniaudio. The tone is rich and natural and the microphone mounts directly onto the instrument. This is the solution acoustic players have been looking for. I am using it for my live performances and recording projects here in the USA. I highly recommend the SEM-01!.

Fabrizio Fanini (ITA)
Convinced that the true acoustic sound is obtained only with an external microphone, I set about looking for a clip-on mic that would allow me to have a good sound and freedom of movement. I discovered Seruniaudio SEM-01 on YouTube and I immediately thought it was the right product for me: excellent audio quality and unbeatable value for money. I highly recommend it.

See N See (INA)
(Guitar Duo)
The size of this mic which is small makes handy in recording or live performance situation. Whether attached on guitar directly or use the stand mic is okay. It also has a wide frequency response we use this mic in almost every projects we've made. And last but indeed cool, this is Indonesian product. Truly amazing and makes us proud! Seruni microphone is an honest mic, keep on going Seruniaudio!

Iksan Skuter (INA)
(Singer - Songwriter)
The pride of using Seruniaudio products is the same as supporting Indonesians who work in a real way Seruniaudio helped me to find the original sound of my guitar which is also made by Indonesian luthier. Thanks to Seruniaudio, the quality of local product instrument becomes very clear and it turns out that our products are not inferior to foreign products. For Indonesia Raya, Keep supporting the works of the nation's people.

Yusuke Yamasaki (DE)
(Shakuhachi Player)
I am so far very satisfied with the sound, easiness of attaching and the size of SEM-01. I don't find any other choice now, even though there are some famous microphone makers in Germany.

Bobak Salehi (USA)
(Violin, Kamancheh, Tar and Setar player)
I am so pleased with the performance of the SEM-01 by Seruniaudio. With the wide variety of bowed and plucked instruments I play, it is very important to have a reliable microphone that consistently captures the true essence and color of each one. SEM-01 has pleasantly surprised me with fantastic clarity, dynamic range, and appropriate responsiveness across a multitude of sonic textures. I highly recommend the SEM-01, not only for live performance but also in the recording studio.

Gusdakar (INA)
(Soloist, Resonator Guitar Player)
SEM-01 and all its amazing accessories, makes me able to explore more the resonator guitar I use. Seruni is the solution for anyone whose in the instrument world especially acoustics, and will be the solution for my future solo project. The resulting audio really matches the sound source.

Tesla Manaf (INA)
Clarity, sensitivity, easy to attach and applicable in any musical instrument make this mic rule its competitors with its elegant design from case, logo, packing up to the unit. Just wait a moment and Seruni will become competitor in the world of microphone market.

Rudi Dolphin (INA)
(Sound Enginer)
This Seruni microphone can get a good recording quickly. Very simple to use and no hassle. Highly recommend this type of microphone to be added in studio.

Wafiq Giotama (INA)
(Ukulele player, Pelem Ukulele Founder)
This mic managed to capture low and medium frequencies from ukulele which is usually hard to do by other mic.

Alfian Emir Aditya (INA)
Safety and comfort guaranteed, for both ears and musical instruments.

Edon Romero (INA)
Small, tiny, but powerful. That's what keeps me using Seruniaudio for years. The result is honest, makes me always fall in love. For me, Seruni excelled both in recording, and on stage.

Gardika Gigih (INA)
(Composer - Pianist)
On several occasions of recording and performing with acoustic piano, the performance of the Seruni microphone is always reliable and capable. From low to high frequency registers, the character of the instrument remains intact when amplified. Seruni is a friend to acoustic musicians, and also a friend to 'wooden sound'.

Arend Michiels (INA)
(Violinist-Krontjong Toegoe)
THE SOUND IS HONEST. My violin sounds exactly the same!

Sigit Ardityo (INA)
This microphone has no problem, the sound is pure acoustic from the violin, and the output sound is great.

A. Hakim (INA)
(Live Sound Engineer)
At first, I just wanted to experiment,
even though the specs were not
recommended for miking cymbals on
the drums, yet the sound produced from
the microphone was very interesting.

Paolo Sommariva (INA)
(Musician, Guitarist)
I bought the SEM 01 microphone to amplify the classical guitar and I am absolutely satisfied with the result. The sound is faithful and clean and by positioning the microphone with support near the soundboard, it picks up only a little part of the external sounds allowing, therefore, to record easily. A microphone of excellent quality.