Aditya Trisnawan (INA)
(Sound Engineer)
The SEM-02 lavalier microphone is a very significant improvement over the SEM-01 microphone, in terms of sound quality, noise floor, portability, and is very versatile. It is suitable for the needs of audio for motion pictures, with a very friendly budget.

Edi Hazt (INA)
(Music Producer, Mixing - Mastering Engineer)
What I like about Seruni Audio is that it is small and compact, the sound is natural, lots of headroom and the leaks are small. Highly recommended for recording.

Edon Romero (INA)
(Saxophonist, Music Arranger)
The SEM-01 made me look away from the mic I used, and now SEM-02 is even crazier than its predecessor, it’s even tinier yet give a crazier result!

See N See Guitar (INA)
(Guitarist, Musician)
When I tried it for the first time, I immediately felt that the input gain was much greater than the previous series (SEM 01) and the noise floor was lower. I think this is an innovation and new development from the previous product.