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Polar Pattern on Microphone

Each microphone has a property or characteristic called directionality (directional properties). This property describes the microphone’s sensitivity to sound from different directions. There are microphones that are able to capture sound from all directions with the same quality, there are those that are only able to pick up sound from one direction or a certain…

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SEM-02 for Stage Microphone and Acoustic Amplification.

Seruniaudio SEM-02 is a microphone that reproduce a natural and balanced sound. With a wide and flat frequency responses and high dynamic range, it is certainly able to reproduce acoustic sound very well. This is what makes the SEM-02 microphone suitable as a stage microphone for acoustic amplification. Then how about feedback? Calm down, every…

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Perbedaan Condenser Mic, Ribbon Mic, dan Dynamic Mic

Mikrofon merupakan peralatan wajib sebagai input source untuk menangkap sumber suara dari vokal, instrumen dan juga ambience. Mikrofon dibagi menjadi tiga tipe yaitu Dynamic, Condenser, dan Ribbon. Ketiga mikrofon tersebut akan kita bahas, masing-masing mikrofon memilik cara tersendiri dalam ‘menerjemahkan’ energi mekanis yang diterimanya. Maka dari itu tiap-tiap mikrofon memiliki sound signature yang unik. Condenser…

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Could the SEM-01 & SEM-02 microphones cable be extended?

As we all know, the SEM-01 and SEM-02 microphones have a cable length of 2.5 meters which should be sufficient for the needs of room/home recording musicians. However, what if you want to use the SEM-01 on stage? Or what if it is used by a professional studio with a different control room? Is a…

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