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SEM-02 for Stage Microphone and Acoustic Amplification.

Seruniaudio SEM-02 is a microphone that reproduce a natural and balanced sound. With a wide and flat frequency responses and high dynamic range, it is certainly able to reproduce acoustic sound very well. This is what makes the SEM-02 microphone suitable as a stage microphone for acoustic amplification. Then how about feedback? Calm down, every…

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Multitrack Mobile Recording (Android)

How to record multitrack recording using an external audio interface on an Android Smartphone. It’s quite easy to prepare the following tools: 1. Microphone SEM-01 For Guitar 2. Audio Interface Steinberg UR12 3. Headphones 4. Smartphones 5. USB OTG 6. Acoustic Guitar 7. nTrack 9 app 8. 5V HP charger Here’s the video tutorial: Product…

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Bisakah SEM-01 digunakan di ampli gitar?

Ada dua Jenis ampli gitar, yaitu ampli gitar elektrik dan ampli gitar akustik.Ampli gitar elektrik memiliki tone yang telah di-shaping dengan frekuensi roll off di atas 4kHz untuk mendapatkan sound distorsi yang nyaman didengar. Berbeda dengan ampli gitar akustik yang didesain memiliki suara yang hi-fi dengan range frekuensi yang lebih lebar untuk menyuguhkan suara instrumen…

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