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Microdot Connector System

With the launch of Seruniaudio SEM-02 as the successor to SEM-01, of course, some of us do not really understand the microdot system used in the SEM-02 series.

Here we will discuss what a microdot connector is and what are its advantages.

There are two types of microdot connectors, namely coaxial and TWIST. Seruniaudio SEM-02 uses a coaxial type microdot where there are only two contact surfaces, which is different from the TWIST microdot which has many contact surfaces.

Then, what are the advantages of microdot if applied to SEM-02?

One of the superior features of SEM-02 is its wireless system compatible, this feature is closely related to this microdot connector. Each brand / brand of wireless system has a different microphone connector. Thus, they do to create their own ecosystem of the equipment they make.

Sony UTX B03 and microphones using a 3.5 mm . TRS connector

This is where the advantages of the microrodot system adapted by SEM-02 become the best solution. Seruniaudio provides a variety of adapters that make SEM-02 compatible on wireless systems such as Shure, Sennheiser, Sony, AKG, Fifine, Rode, and even smartphones directly without the help of an external phantom power supply!

The microdot system allows the SEM-02 to be used in a wide variety of wireless systems

The flexibility of SEM-02 in applications in wireless systems is a special feature. In other words, if you want to change / move to a wireless system, you don’t need to buy a microphone anymore, you just need to buy an adapter. Saving money, ringt? Worth it!

If you want to buy an adapter for a supported wireless system, please click the link or the following pictures:

Shure SLX, SVX, PGX: ACS21-F
Sennheiser Evolution G2, G3, G4: ACS23-M

Sony UTX wireless system: ACS25-M

FIfine K037: ACS22-F

Rode Wireless Go: ACS26-M

AKG PT series: ACS27-F

Smartphone: ACS24-M

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