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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to every country in the world.

How much will the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. There you can input your information and get rates from various couriers based on speed/location. 

How long will it take my order to ship?

For standard shipping, orders will be shipped within 1 business day from the time an order was placed. For faster shipping options (3-day, 2-day, 1-day), your order will be shipped the same business day if ordered before 4:00 PM UTC+07:00.

Order placed on Saturday after 5:00 PM UTC+07:00 and Sunday will be processed on Monday. When you placed the order on a holiday, your order will be processed on the next business day, please contact us by Whatsapp Messaging or email to confirm your order if your order is not processed yet.

How long is Standard Shipping in Indonesia?

Standard Shipping takes 3 to 5 days for delivery.

How much will VAT and Customs fees cost?

We do not calculate this at checkout. You are responsible for calculating and paying for these fees. Typically your selected courier should notify you when it is time to pay.

Where else can I buy your products? 

We sell on Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, for Indonesia Region. On international purchases, you can go to our shop at Reverb and on our website too! If you are looking for a physical location, please view our Dealers page to find the nearest location to you. 

How do I cancel/edit my order?

Please start a live chat with one of our staff or email us at support@seruniaudio.com.


What comes included when I buy an SEM-02 microphone?

You will receive the SEM-02 Versatile Miniature Microphone, an XLR dongle jack, a CLP02 black clip to be attached to your instrument, a foam windshield, sticker, user guide, and warranty card (printed in the box). Please view our product pages to view further specifications. 

Will the older accessory set (for SEM-01) support the new SEM-02 microphone? 

Yes, It will, but you should purchase SCL02 cable clamp for SEM-02 because the cable diameter is different from each other.

Why does my microphone not work? Do the mics needs to be powered?

The SEM-02 microphone is a condenser microphone, so it needs +48 phantom power to work when you use an XLR dongle jack (same as SEM-01). Phantom power usually found in an audio interface or professional mixer please refer to this page for detailed info.

If you connect the SEM-02 microphone using a specific adapter to wireless systems, cameras, or any smartphones, it will no longer need phantom power since the mic will be powered by the devices mentioned above.

If your issue is more specific and requires further help, please message us on live chat or email us at support@seruniaudio.com or by Whatsapp Messaging.

Do you have any specific audio samples?

Visit our Soundcloud page Youtube Channel to find various audio samples and tutorials. Or you can go to our homepage to find several sound samples we made.


Do the products covered with any warranty?

The SEM-02 is covered with a 1-year warranty (replacement product), So, if you found that your mic is not working properly you can claim the warranty from us and we will replace the item with the new one. Terms and conditions may apply.

Accessories are not covered with the warranty, except the microdot adapter that has a manufacturing defect. Misuse or human error is not included.

How to claim my warranty?

Before you claim your warranty, make sure you have filled the registration form. Then you can confirm to us by Whatsapp Messaging or email and claim your warranty. Shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

The mic is not working properly, but it has exceeded the warranty time, What should I do, can it be repaired?

Yes, it can be repaired and fixed, but you’ll be charged since the mic is no longer covered by the warranty. The service fee depends on the component that has to be replaced/ fixed and the difficulties of repairing.

Please contact us by Whatsapp Messaging or email for further information.