Jogja Cross Culture 2019

As a part of Yogyakarta, Seruniaudio also supporting Jogja Cross Culture event weeks ago. It’s an event that harmonize gamelan/ karawitan, orchestras, choirs, and artists from Yogyakarta who collaborate with international artists on one stage. Representations of the cultural roots of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace which were presented through Tepas Keprajuritan will also be distributed…

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SMEX 2019: Exceptional!

LUAR BIASA! Itulah kata yang pas untuk menggambarkan betapa meriah dan besarnya pameran pro-audio, lighting, multimedia and music expo terbesar di Indonesia ini. Kami merasa sangat beruntung bisa menjadi bagian dalam perhelatan akbar tersebut. Di sana kami menggandeng dealer resmi kami di Surabaya, yaitu Media Digital Center (MDC) toko perlengkapan rekaman dan pro-audio terlengkap di…

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Good design 2017

This is another story from our company achieved Good Design Indonesia Award from Minister of Trade of the Republic Indonesia. Seruniaudio compete with other big brands from all over the countries to present the best in term of product design. We were a bit nervous in this annual event held by Minister of Trade of…

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Seruniaudio at MIDEM 2018

It was a great event to share for all of you, spread the news about solution in recording and amplifying acoustic instruments. MIDEM 2018 in France was our second international event after SXSW 2018 in Texas. Both event left a great memory and business chance with international market, thus we will keep our spirit to…

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SXSW 2018: It’s impressive!

In 2018 Seruniaudio had the opportunity to exhibit SEM-01 microphone at the SXSW event in Texas. Along with other start-up company, We departed from the country to show that Indonesia can also create extraordinary works and deserve to compete internationally. Supported by BEKRAF (Creative Economy Agency of Indonesia), we occupy a booth titled ARCHIPELAGEEK. And…

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