How to use SBS01

SBS01 is our accessory set for contrabass/ double bass/ upright bass. It makes the miking position more flexible and get more character out from your contrabass. See the video below: If you are interesting to purchase one, please click here, if you want both SEM-01 and SBS01 you can buy the bundle product one here

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Gratis Ongkir Sepuasnya

Dapatkan Gratis ongkir ke seluruh Indonesia SEPUASNYA dengan melakukan pembelian melalui website Seruniaudio. Cara mendapatkan gratis ongkir ke seluruh Indonesia: Lakukan pembelian melalui website www.seruniaudio.com Masukkan kode voucher FREEONGKIR sebelum check out Syarat dan ketentuan promo gratis ongkir: Promo gratis ongkir hanya berlaku untuk pembelian melalui website Seruniaudio dari tanggal 1 s/d 31 Oktober 2019…

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Jogja Cross Culture 2019

As a part of Yogyakarta, Seruniaudio also supporting Jogja Cross Culture event weeks ago. It’s an event that harmonize gamelan/ karawitan, orchestras, choirs, and artists from Yogyakarta who collaborate with international artists on one stage. Representations of the cultural roots of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace which were presented through Tepas Keprajuritan will also be distributed…

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SMEX 2019: Exceptional!

LUAR BIASA! Itulah kata yang pas untuk menggambarkan betapa meriah dan besarnya pameran pro-audio, lighting, multimedia and music expo terbesar di Indonesia ini. Kami merasa sangat beruntung bisa menjadi bagian dalam perhelatan akbar tersebut. Di sana kami menggandeng dealer resmi kami di Surabaya, yaitu Media Digital Center (MDC) toko perlengkapan rekaman dan pro-audio terlengkap di…

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How to use SEM-01 on Rebab

Rebab is bowed instruments from Java, SEM-01 can be mounted like so using SFA01 flute accessory set. See more in the video below: If you want to purchase SFA01 you can go to this link: https://seruniaudio.com/product/sfa-flute-accessory/ Or If you are interested in purchasing SEM-01 and SFA01 as a bundle product you can go to this…

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How to use SEM-01 on Trumpet

SEM-01 microphone can be used on trumpet, thanks to SBA01 brass accessory set we offer. In this video below you will know how to use SEM-01 on trumpet. If you want to purchase SBA01 brass accessory set you can go to this link: https://seruniaudio.com/product/sba01-brass-accessory/ Or If you are interested in purchasing SEM-01 and SBA01 as…

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How to use SCA01

SCA01 stands for Seruni Cello Accessory Set, it only suitable for Cello.

This accessory helps you to take another sound character that you want by moving the gooseneck, but here you are our favourite position:

If you want to purchase SCA01 cello accessory set you can go to this link: https://seruniaudio.com/product/sca01-cello-accessory/


If you are interested in purchasing SEM-01 microphone and SCA01 cello accessory set as a bundle product, you can go to this link: https://seruniaudio.com/product/sem-01-microphone-for-cello-bundle/

How to use SUA01

SUA01 or Seruni Universal Accessory, actually can be defined as woodwind accessory set, because it is designed specifically for woodwind instruments that has larger bell/ body. but you can also applied it to other instruments as long as it has cylindrical shape for attaching it. Here you are, our SUA01 and SEM-01 microphone performed on…

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