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Who We Are

Seruni Karya Indonesia is a manufacture company which makes products of audio equipments and acoustic equipments.

Our very first product is SERUNIAUDIO™ SEM-01 hand-built clip-on electret condenser microphone.

SERUNIAUDIO™ was born from a dream to get the best result in reproducing sound when recording acoustic instruments and Indonesian traditional instruments.

Because of the limitation and our dissatisfaction when taking a recording session or live concert, we try to find a solution with reasonable price.

After a long journey, accompanied by the spirit to improve ourselves has led us to present the first series of SERUNIAUDIO™ Seruni SEM-01.

We Are Working On

SERUNIAUDIO™ SEM-01 is an electret condenser microphone, hand-built with high-quality components. It is specifically designed for acoustic instruments to capture their best sound quality. With frequency response 20 Hz – 20.000 Hz, Seruni SEM-01 could reproduce the sound of musical instruments very well and naturally.

Meet Team

Cretta Cucu Abdullah
Cretta Cucu Abdullah Founder, CEO of Seruni Karya Indonesia
Gatot Danar Sulistyanto
Gatot Danar Sulistyanto Co-Founder, CTO of Seruni Karya Indonesia
Dony Buntoro
Dony Buntoro Co-Founder, CFO of Seruni Karya Indonesia
Afrizal Oktaputra
Afrizal Oktaputra Digital Marketing
Yoses Ernest Prawinulat
Yoses Ernest Prawinulat Graphic Designer