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Who We Are

Seruni Karya Indonesia is a manufacturing company based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We mainly focused on sound reinforcement. We makes audio equipment and also acoustic equipment.

Our very first product is SERUNIAUDIO™ SEM-01 hand-built clip-on electret condenser microphone for acoustic instrument that was launched back in 2015. The mic was a big leap in recording and amplifying acoustic instruments here in Indonesia, since people used to record or amplify the instruments using a bulky condenser or dynamic mic attached to a mic stand.

We Are Working On

In 2020, the SEM-02 was born. The successor of SEM-01 is remarkably versatile and capable in almost any conditions and situations, would it be in a live show, or in a recording studio. Would it be miking acoustic instruments, voice over, foley, sound design in film production, you mention it.

SERUNIAUDIO™ SEM-02 versatile miniature microphone surely will amaze you. It is easy to setup, no-hassle, and able to reproduce the sound naturally. Don’t be fooled by its size, it is small but it will give you the big sound you’ve dreamed of!

Meet The Team

Cretta C. A.
Cretta C. A. Founder, CEO of Seruni Karya Indonesia
Gatot D. S.
Gatot D. S. Co-Founder, CTO of Seruni Karya Indonesia
Dony Co-Founder, CFO of Seruni Karya Indonesia
Afrizal O.
Afrizal O. Digital Marketing
Nico B.
Nico B. Technician